Enterprise is an audio-visual collaboration with musician August Rosenbaum featuring songs from his album “Songs People Together”. Freja Sofie Kirk and Kamil Dossar shot it on a road trip through the suburbs of Las Vegas and its surrounding landscapes. We look at empty rooms in single-family houses, with its furniture as the only human trace. 

The architecture and interior points to a trope of the american home: Spaces we have consumed through images, but have no lived experiences with. With a gaze that is both engaging and alienated a romanticism unfolds. Everything seems real, but looks like a set. Something is about to happen, but that something never happens.


Directors: Freja Sofie Kirk & Kamil Dossar
Music: August Rosenbaum
Color: Daniel Devue
Sound Design: Kamil Dossar & Ballad
Idea: Freja Sofie Kirk, Kamil Dossar & August Rosenbaum


Duration: 10:20
Music video 


August Rosenbaum
Kamil Dossar
Freja Sofie Kirk


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